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Paradigm Releases New 30th Anniversary Tribute Speakers! On Sale Now!

Paradigm Releases New 30th Anniversary Tribute Speakers! On Sale Now!

6 Mar 2013


While much has changed in the world over thirty years, one thing remains constant: our universal love of music. The soul’s desire to make music and the exquisite joy in listening. And as long as the world is listening, Paradigm will continue to innovate, exploring new ways to convey the unexplainable magic that is music. A breathtaking new aesthetic meets equally breathtaking sound quality in a series that celebrates our roots: two-channel listening. Made in Canada. Hand-polished Dark Garnet Gloss finish.

What is Paradigm’s 30th Anniversary Series and What Makes it Unique?

A milestone anniversary is a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on what in Paradigm’s case has been a remarkable journey. From modest beginnings in Toronto, Canada, our speakers are now sold on six continents. We have won hundreds of product awards and received thousands of rave reviews. The Paradigm Reference 30th Anniversary Series is meant to  commemorate and celebrate that journey. It is a visual, design and technology composite of what we have learned over thirty years. In other words, a labor of love. It is a true limited edition, part of a very small production run. There will be no additional production once quantities run out. And there will never be another series like it.