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Samsung To Sell Under-$9K 55-inch Curved OLED TV

Samsung To Sell Under-$9K 55-inch Curved OLED TV

14 Aug 2013

Samsung Curved OLED Nancy Klosek via Dealerscope

Samsung will begin selling on its web site Wednesday and through select specialty dealers within the next week its first Curved OLED TV: the 55-inch Model KN55S9C. At $8,999.99, it enters the market at $6,000 less than competitor LG’s 55-inch Curved OLED, introduced three weeks ago at the Magnolia Design Center in Best Buy’s flagship Richfield, Minn. store.

Samsung vice president of Home Entertainment Dave Das said the price was achieved due to “better than anticipated yields,” which led to the company’s being able to deliver product at such a low price point.

He said the metallic-frame curved aspect of the set, which Samsung is referencing in marketing materials a “Timeless Arena’ that evokes the curved shape of an arena, would serve to distinguish it on a typical sales floor, where consumers are generally faced with a wall of “me-too” flat-panel TVs. The decision to market strategically through the same specialty channel through which Samsung has been marketing its  $40,000 85-inch Ultra HD, however, means that that dealer group will likely be better able to make the case for purchase through its caliber of sales personnel, Das said.

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The Samsung curved OLED TV carries a unique MultiView feature, which is technologically possible because of a response time that is many times faster than conventional TVs. The feature allows any viewer wearing special 3D active-shutter glasses to switch between two different content sources of full-screen Full HD content and hear corresponding audio through personal speakers mounted in the glasses’ temples. Switching between the sources is achieved through a single touch of a button also located on the glasses. The set comes with two pairs of glasses, and additional pairs will soon be made available for purchase in about a month on the Samsung web site, Das said.

The TV features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels that are directly on the color display, sn no color filter is required.  The TV also uses no backlighting, so blacks are displayed in deep contrast. The set also carries an array of Samsung’s Smart TV features including its Smart Hub interface, which organizes content into five panels.  The TV is also classed as a Samsung Evolutionary TV model, meaning its hardware and software can be updated through a Kit that mounts to the TV’s rear.

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