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See What We’ve Been Up To Lately!

See What We’ve Been Up To Lately!

14 Jul 2014


Check out photos of some of the projects Digital Future Now has been involved with over the last couple of months!  Call today to have us make your technology dreams come true!



That’s a pair of Paradigm Studio 100’s on the left and right. It’s not an optical illusion, the center channel is a CC-698 mounted above the TV. We utilized the flat-panel TV mount and added a shelf. It’s a very secure setup, but we have to give credit to the customer for the idea!


This is a Paradigm Millenia One system mounted above a fireplace.  Discrete, aesthetically pleasing speakers that pack a punch!


This is the boardroom of a local Bethlehem business, we installed the smartTV and webcam for video conferencing!


Man Cave Under Construction!  We installed DirecTV satellite TV to bring service to two Samsung TVs with audio playing through a pair of Paradigm SE 1’s, powered by a Sonos amplifier!